Naama Freedman
Naama Freedman has long since been trained in the fields of music, dance, and theater. From an early age she studies classical piano, which in later years she switched to jazz piano under the guidance of the late Amit Golan. Already in high school Naama has had experience in composing music for chamber orchestra, brass section as well as rythem section, and later on studied classical composition with Dr Alexander Cornhandler. During that time Naama has also studied dance for several years, including tap, ballet, and jazz.

Naama has been singing from an early age, focusing on jazz singing during her high school years. Performing jazz standards, as well as israeli folk songs all the way to musicals, in the past years Naama is training also as a classical singer. Moreover, throughout the past years she also sings vocals for different bands and musical projects such as folk and electronic.

Naama has earned a bachelor's degree in philosophy and history from Tel Aviv univesity, and is also a translator of songs and texts.

A graduate of Beit Zvi School of the Performing Arts, Naama has acted in various roles such as Maggie in Dancing at Lughnasa, Clover in Animal Farm, and even Edith Piaf in a musical production of French Chansons. Naama has since had her own solo show called 'Daber Elai Bifrachim' at the Sifrya theater in Ramat Gan, which ran for a total of a month. She is currently performing in West Side Story at Hacameri theater in Tel Aviv.

Naama is also a DJ, performing in various dance bars around Tel Aviv and Hamburg, as well as a member of the electronic duo, The Wi-Fi's, alongside Rami Moscovich (Hachafuz Hamechani), a longtime musical partner with whom she played in the band Angelic Circus.

Currently based in Hamburg, Germany, she is studying multimedia composition at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg, and works as an artist, musician and stage performer.