Juris Petraškevičs

Mg.art, Art Academy of Latvia professor, head of the Visual Arts Department
Works as visual artist, painter, book illustrator, animation film artist

Selected Awards

2008   IBBY Honour List Diploma for the illustrations of “Sister and Brother” (Māsa un brālis)
2007   Children book award of Latvia Baltvilka balva and the book design award of Latvia Zelta ābele.
2004   Award of "World Coin News" and "Krause Publications" (USA) as “The Worlds Most Artistic Coin” for Latvia National Bank coins serie “Roots”.
2001   “Latvia National Film Festival The Great Christopher (Lielais Kristaps)” aword for the animation film “The Unusual Rigans” (Neparastie Rīdzinieki).
1998   “Latvian National Film Festival The Great Christopher (Lielais Kristaps)” aword for the animation film “Sleep Train” (Miega vilcieniņš).

That is what this action is about.

I am interested in the boundaries between realities.
If we close our eyelids in the light, we can see various dots and objects flying on them. This phenomenon is called the entopic phenomenon. This experience is always very personal; we cannot photograph, film, scan, or otherwise save it. It is not possible to share what you see with others. It is truly an individual experience for every person.
Visual art is often contrasted with temporal art, like theatre and music. However, the time dimension is essential in the perception of visual artworks as well. I would call it the "stretched moment". There is a gap between what we see, perceive, and the story we tell – a gap between creators' and viewers' realities and timelines. The time fills this gap.
During the observation of artwork, the vision changes and, similarly to the entoptic phenomenon, experiences are very personal and distinct for everyone.
What the viewer sees in my works is a recount of my perception. I am the only one in the entire world who has accidentally seen this very moment, the reality I have depicted in the drawings. It is my narrative of what I have witnessed. I am perceiving it in my mind, I am reflecting on it, and I am interpreting it in my drawings. I don't illustrate. I draw. That is what this action is about. Purely.