Marta Veinberga
Marta Veinberga (1983) is a visual artist living and working in Riga (LV). In her two and three-dimensional works she upcycles found and readymade materials. Although a material is often the starting impulse of a piece, every individual work builds up as a conceptual network between the general theme or the idea, the material, the visual language and often the creative process itself. In the recent years Veinberga has developed her own ‘pixel’ painting technique. These ‘pixels’ are loyalty campaign stickers issued by supermarkets, fuel stations, convenience stores etc. that she collects both from people and shops internationally and uses as semantically charged pieces of color to make up larger images with meanings other than the material originally carries.
An interest in the material environment as a reflection of human in a particular social and historical context is central to Veinberga’s work. The way she makes her pieces also draws attention to our physicality and time-boundedness as beings, thus the ineffectiveness of making things by hand becomes an artistic gesture.

Before studying art academically, Marta Veinberga has gained a BA in Public Health; in the 2000’s she has been involved with photography both as practitioner and the organizer of the International Summer School of Photography in Latvia (the ISSP). In the 2010 Veinberga entered the Art Academy of Latvia Design department and graduated from the same institution’s Visual Arts department (specialization in painting), both Bachelors and Masters Programs with the highest distinction. In addition, she has taken a contemporary art theory course at the Uniarts Helsinki. During the final years of her studies she received the Brederlo-von-Sengbusch Art Prize (2016), Vilhelms Purvitis premium of the Art Academy of Latvia (2016), and the stipendium of patroness Ināra Tetereva (through 2016-2018). She has had two solo exhibitions (A Short Presence, 2014 and Youkali, 2018) and showed her work in group exhibitions in Latvia, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Kyrgyzstan and Lithuania.


Dandruff, prize stickers, adhesive film, tape on plywood
152.5 x 305 cm

Dandruff, details

prize stickers, acrylic, varnish on plywood
9 pieces, each 25 x 25 cm
2015 - 2017

Household, detail

Collective Blanket
prize stickers, adhesive film, tape on plywood
152.5 x 152.5 cm

Collective Blanket, detail
Text von Inga Steimane, Kunsthistorikerin und Kuratorin, aus dem Katalog „Student Diaries“.